Mux80 AIN Expansion Board

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Analog input expansion board that adds 80 analog input channels. It can be connected to a U6, UE9, or T7 directly through the DB37 connector.


Ten of the LabJack's analog inputs are multiplexed (1:8 each) by the Mux80, and 4 are left untouched on AIN0-3 screw terminals, bringing the total number of available analog inputs to 84.

  • 80 channels
  • OEM capability
  • High density connectors
  • Snaptrack/DIN rail compatible

As a quick reference, the Mux80 enables the use of registers 48-127

CB37 Labels X2X3X4X5
AIN0-13 AIN0-3, AIN120-127AIN48-61AIN72-85AIN96-109
DAC0-1 DAC0-1AIN62-63AIN86-87AIN110-111
FIO0-7 FIO0-7AIN64-71AIN88-95AIN112-119

For more information, see the Mux80 Datasheet.

Compatible Products: 
  • T7 Series
  • U6 Series
  • UE9 Series