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The LJTick-Divider (LJTD) is a signal conditioning module designed to take two single-ended higher voltage analog signals, and divide them by a specified value. This devices is divided by 25.

The 4-pin design plugs into the standard AIN/AIN/GND/VS screw terminal block found on LabJacks such as the U3, U6, UE9, T7, and T4.  The use of large resistors and a precision op-amp buffer provides an input impedance of 1 megaohm. The resistors can be customized to allow for a wide range of configurations.


The LJTD can also be used with higher voltage digital signals.  

Divider-25: Voutput = Vinput/25

A 24V signal (or even much higher voltages) will result in about 3.5V, as that is the max output of the LJTD, and that also is a good logic high for any LabJack.

For more information see the LJTick-Divider Datasheet

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