RoboClaw Solo 34VDC

Welcome to Basicmicro, home of the RoboClaw and MCP motor controller products. We maintain an extensive library of documentation, app notes and sample code. These libraries are intended to make setup and utilizing the many great features of the RoboClaw or MCP motor controllers as easy as possible.

All the motor controllers support close and open loop modes. A wide range of sensor inputs are supported including quadrature encoders, absolute encoders and potentiometers. In addition the motor controllers incorporate many self monitoring protection features such as temperature limit, current limit, over voltage and under voltage limits.

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  1. Roboclaw Solo 30A, 34VDC Motor Controller
    Roboclaw Solo 30A Motor Controller Product Code: IMC408
    £107.15 £89.29
  2. Roboclaw Solo 60A Motor Controller
    Roboclaw Solo 60A Motor Controller Product Code: IMC410
    £142.22 £118.52
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