42STH38-1684B - 1.8 Degree - 1.68A Stepper - 51:1 Gearbox, 3328_0

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This bipolar stepper with a rear shaft and a planetary gearbox has a 0.035° step angle and 48 kg·cm of torque at low speeds.


This NEMA-17 motor has an integrated Planetary gearbox with a 504397/4913:1 ratio. It comes with the rear shaft exposed, so you can mount an encoder or shaft coupler.

At the output of the gearbox, the step angle is approximately 0.035°. When using the step angle in calculations, you should derive the exact step angle by dividing 1.8° by the gearbox reduction ratio.

At 1.7 Amps, this stepper motor can produce a maximum torque of 180 kg-cm. However, the gearbox is only rated for 48 kg-cm of continuous torque.

Loading this gearbox stepper beyond the torque rating of the gearbox will shorten its useful life.

Motor Properties

Motor Type

Bipolar Stepper

Manufacturer Part Number

42STH38-1684B / 36JXS60K51

Step Angle


Step Accuracy

± 5 %

Holding Torque

48 kg·cm

Rated Torque

48 kg·cm

Maximum Motor Speed

20 RPM

Electrical Properties

Recommended Voltage

24 V DC

Rated Current

1.7 A

Coil Resistance

1.7 Ω

Phase Inductance

3.2 mH

Physical Properties

Shaft Diameter

8 mm

Rear Shaft Diameter

3.9 mm

Mounting Plate Size

NEMA - 17


564 g

Number of Leads


Wire Length

300 mm

Gearbox Properties

Gearbox Type


Gear Ratio

50 43974913 : 1

Backlash Error


Maximum Strength of Gears

48 kg·cm

Shaft Maximum Axial Load

49.1 N

Shaft Maximum Radial Load

98.1 N