3331_0 57STH56-2804B - 1.8 Degree - 2.8A Stepper - Gearless

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This high-speed bipolar stepper with a rear shaft has a 1.8° step angle and 11 kg·cm of torque at low speeds.

57STH56 NEMA-23 Bipolar Gearless Stepper 3331_0 57STH56-2804B - 1.8 Degree - 2.8A Stepper - Gearless
57STH56 NEMA-23 Bipolar Gearless Stepper

This NEMA-23 motor generates 12.6 kg-cm of holding torque at 2.8 Amps. It comes with the rear shaft exposed, so you can mount an encoder or shaft coupler


This motor must be controlled by a constant current or chopper drive controller.



Connecting the motor directly to a power supply will destroy the motor and void the warranty. If you want to check your motor make sure it is connected to a constant current / chopper drive controller.


Motor Properties

Motor Type

Bipolar Stepper

Manufacturer Part Number


Step Angle


Step Accuracy

± 5 %

Holding Torque

12.6 kg·cm

Rated Torque

11 kg·cm

Maximum Motor Speed

2150 RPM

Electrical Properties

Recommended Voltage

12 V DC

Rated Current

2.8 A

Coil Resistance

900 mΩ

Phase Inductance

2.5 mH

Physical Properties

Shaft Diameter


Rear Shaft Diameter

3.9 mm

Mounting Plate Size

NEMA - 23


686 g

Number of Leads


Wire Length

300 mm

This motor must be controlled by a stepper motor controller. This diagram shows how to connect the motor wires to the controller to produce a clockwise rotation in the stepper motor when increasing position. To wire for counter-clockwise rotation when increasing position, reverse the red and blue wires.

Note: Make sure to unplug the power cord from the motor controller before switching wires around.

Function 3331 STC1001 1067
A Black A A
Green A- B
B Red B C
Blue B- D
Functional Functional
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