1133_0 Phidget Sound Sensor

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Measures sound pressure level between 50dB to 100 dB. Connects to an Analog Input or VINT Hub port.

1133_0 Phidget Sound Sensor
1133_0 Phidget Sound Sensor

This sensor is tuned to measure in the frequency range 100Hz to 8kHz. Outside this range the sensor's bandpass filter will drastically reduce the impact on the measured quantity.

Board Properties

Controlled By

Voltage Input (0-5V)

Sensor Properties

Sensor Type


Controlled By

Voltage Input (0-5V)

Sensor Output Type


Sound Level Min

50 dB

Sound Level Max

100 dB

Sound Frequency Min

100 Hz

Sound Frequency Max

8 kHz

Sound Resolution

0.16 dB

Sound Error (at 1000 Hz)

± 3 dB

Electrical Properties

Current Consumption Max

8.5 mA

Output Impedance

1 kΩ

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