Beam Break Phidget, PRX2300_0

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This sensor can detect objects that break a beam of IR light by passing through the slot.


For applications that involve detecting or counting small objects passing through a narrow space, this Phidget is the perfect fit.

When there is no object blocking the beam, the signal will drop low. When an object breaks the beam, the signal will jump up. You can adjust the sensitivity using the trim potentiometer depending on the type of object you're trying to sense or count. 

The PRX2300 connects directly to a VINT port using the VoltageInput or DigitalInput channel class

Sensor Properties

Controlled By

VoltageInput or Digital Input

Sensor Type

Proximity (Infrared)

Detecting Distance Max

15 mm

Electrical Properties

Current Consumption Min

17 mA

Current Consumption Max

21 mA