Linear Actuators

Actuonix's unique line of linear actuators an linear servos allows technology to keep up with your imagination. 

Rod Actuators

Actuonix manufactures four different types of rod actuators: PQ12, L12, L16, P16. 

The PQ12 series micro linear actuators are ideal for applications requiring precise positioning and compact size. The L12 series is an axial design that utilizes a powerful PMDC motor and a rectangular cross-section for increased strength. The L16 series is slightly larger version of the L12 series. It has an axial design that utilizes a powerful PMDC motor and a rectangular cross section for increased strength. The P16 is the next generation of actuator from Actuonix Motion Devices. Featuring a compact side by side design with a planetary gearbox, these units offer higher speeds, higher forces and longer life than our other units.

rod actuators
Track actuators

Track Actuators

Actuonix's Motion Devices is again pushing the limits of linear motion with our all-new T16 series linear track actuators. These devices use a mounting block that travels along a track rather than an extending rod; this means that the T16 can be used in projects with even tighter space restrictions than standard actuators. By design, linear track actuators are also much more tolerant of side loads, thus making these ideal for projects where a side load is present.

LEGO Actuators

Actuonix's EV3 Series LEGO linear actuators are based on their popular L12 line. They are built with Lego-specific mounting points and connections for plug and play operation with your NXT or EV3 Mindstorms kit. 

EV3 Lego actuators are available in two stroke lengths, 50mm (2") and 100mm (3.9").

These devices offer you the power and mounting flexibility you need to take your builds to the next level. From large-scale mobile cranes, bridge builders and excavating equipment, a whole new world of possibilities is open to you.

LEGO Actuators

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