Unitree Aliengo

Taking education in robotics to the next level

Excellent Agility

The Aliengo has special sports forms such as fast running, backward running, left and right side shifting, turning in place, creeping forward, rolling over, jumping, crossing obstacles, avoiding obstacles, climbing in place after falling to the ground and even going up and down slopes/steps.

The maximum walking speed exceeds 1.5m/s

The fuselage has a good ability to resist impact, and it can resist impact loads when running, jumping, colliding with foreign objects or falling.

Unitree Aliengo head detailUnitree Aliengo head detail

Great Stability

Even if there is external interference, the Aliengo can quickly adjust to achieve a stable operating state.


Unitree Aliengo port detailUnitree Aliengo port detail

Multiple External Interfaces

The developer version comes with an onboard PC and opens the corresponding interfaces.

Users are allowed to carry their own modules (such as vision cameras, lidar, robotic arms, GPS systems, etc.) for interactive control.

External interfaces include: HDMIx2, Ethernet port x2, USB 3.0x2, USB 2.0x1, 485 port x1.

Unitree Aliengo leg detailUnitree Aliengo leg detail

Multiple Interfaces

The software control interface is divided into high-level interface and the underlying interface control interface supports C/C++, ROS, etc.

  • Allows reading of all types of sensor data.
  • Allows control of a single motor or a single leg movement.


Unitree Aliengo sensors detailUnitree Aliengo sensors detail

Force Control Technology 

Aliengo has full control of it's attitude and position, so it has strong terrain adaptability and can operate well on rugged gravel roads and grass.

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