6mm Timing Pinion Pulleys, 6mm_TIMING_PINION_PULLEYS

As low as £8.28 £6.90

The 6mm Bore XL Series (1/5 pitch) Pinion Pulleys can attach directly to any of our gearmotors that have a 6mm output shaft


Simply slide the pulley onto the motor shaft and tighten the 10-32 set screw, using a 3/32 hex key.

The pulleys are .40” inside the flanges to allow for belts up to 3/8” in width.

The 10 and 16 tooth pulleys are able to run inside of the aluminum Actobotics™ channel.

The pulley can be used for building pan and tilt systems, camera sliders, XY tables, robotic drive mechanisms, etc. Constructed of 6061 T6 aluminum.