6" 152mm Aluminium Mecanum Wheels (2 left & 2 right)

£132.12 £110.10

This set of mecanum wheels measures 6 inches (152mm) and consists of four pieces - two right wheels and two left wheels.


Each wheel is connected to its own motor, which drives it independently. The wheels have a unique design, featuring a series of rollers attached to their circumference. These rollers have an axis of rotation at 45° to the plane parallel to the wheel's axis of rotation. This enables the wheels to move the robot in any direction without changing the direction of the chassis. The robot can be moved forward, backward, and directly sideways.

  • Diameter:152.4mm(6 inch)
  • Width:55.52mm
  • Number of Rollers per wheel:15
  • Number of Plates per wheel:2
  • Body material:Aluminium alloy
  • Roller material:Nylon+TPR
  • Spacer material:Nylon
  • Length of roller:38.1mm
  • Net weight per wheel:600
  • Load capacity per wheel:15Kg