5-Position Switch, 27801

£12.40 £10.33

The 5-Position Switch is a normally open contact switch that provides directional output to your project.

This switch has a nice snappy feel, and returns to the center/un-pressed position immediately when it is released. By monitoring the input state of five pins, it’s easy for any Parallax microcontroller to detect whether the switch is in the up, down, left, right, or pressed position. It is possible for more than one position to make contact at a time, such as pressed+right, left+down, or pressed+right+down, for a total of 18 input states.


  • 8-pin DIP module is ready for breadboard or through-hole projects 
  • 10 kΩ pull-up resistor included on each positional pin 
  • Simple communication with any Parallax microcontroller 


 Application Ideas:

  • Video game input 
  • Robot Control
  • Power requirements: 3.3 to 5 VDC
  • Communication: Single bit high/low output for each position
  • Dimensions: 0.70 x 0.95 x 0.78 in (17.8 x 24.1 x 19.8 mm)
  • Operating temp range: +32 to +158┬░F (0 to +70┬░C)