4" Omni Wheel, 595671

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Mobilize your robot chassis with the Actobotics 4” Omni Wheel.

The wheels have a ½” center hole and numerous mounting options are provided including the standard 0.77” and 1.50” hub patterns for using with other Actobotics parts.  

Whether you’re doing a 4 wheel chassis with 2 drive motors, a helix chassis or a skid steer style chassis with 4 motors, these wheels can reduce the amount of torque necessary to turn while decreasing the turning radius of your chassis.


Omni wheels can be used just like regular drive wheels but they have the advantage of being able to roll freely perpendicular to the drive direction.  

The 10 rubber rollers around the circumference of the wheel provide excellent grip to excel in moving in the forward direction.  Each roller is mounted on a stainless steel sleeve which rests on a stainless steel axle to allow the rollers to rotate freely and independently from one-another.  Multiple wheels can be mounted to one-another by installing an 1/8” spacer between the wheels to provide adequate clearance between rollers.  

The wheels can be clocked so that the rollers are staggered evenly which smooths out the circumference and increases load-bearing capabilities.