3956_0 Large Heatsink for SSR

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Medium and high current (>5A) SSRs can generate a lot of heat during operation. Failure to manage the generation of heat by the SSR during switching may damage the SSR and lead to product failure.

Package includes:

  • Mounting Screws (4)
3956_0  Large Heatsink for SSR
3956_0  Large Heatsink for SSR

When using an SSR this problem of heat dissipation must be managed. It is very important to select an adequate heatsink if you plan on using your SSR at its maximum specifications.

To assist with heat dissipation, a thermal pad (packaged with all "hockey puck" type SSRs we sell) should be used between the relay and the heatsink. For very high performance applications, air cooling may also be necessary.


Product Specification

    Manufacturer Part Number HF92B-150A
    Thermal Resistance 0.6 K/W
    Screw Thread Size M4


Product Features

  • Dissipates heat for "hockey puck" type SSRs with a thermal resistance of 0.6°C/W
  • Can be used to mount up to 2 SSRs
  • Unlocks the full current-carrying capabilites of your SSR
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