3920_0 T5577 RFID Tag - PVC Disc 30mm

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This tag is a PVC plastic disc measuring 30mm in diameter.

It can be glued to flat surfaces for object identification applications.

  • T5577 protocol
  • 125kHz Frequency
  • Passive tag, Read/Write
  • Max read distance ≈ 10cm

This is a blank tag- its ID must be chosen and written using the 1024 - PhidgetRFID Read/Write or another T5577 compatible reader.

It cannot be read with the 1023 - PhidgetRFID unless it has already been written as an EM4102 tag.

Tag Properties

Tag CharacteristicsPassive, Read/Write
Transmission Frequency125 kHz
Typical Read/Write Distance
(with 1024 - PhidgetRFID R-W)
100 mm

Physical Properties

MaterialPVC Plastic
Diameter30 mm
Thickness1 mm
Weight1.2 g
IP RatingIP67