3563_0 Micro Switch SPDT (Bag of 2), 3563

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This small single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) limit switch is ideal for keeping track of physical parts in a system.

It can also be used as a simple user input button as it makes a noticable click when pressed. It can switch 5A and 125V DC or 250V AC.


The switch will turn the digital input "on" when the magnet is within 16mm of the switch, and will turn "off" when the contact is broken by moving the magnet away.

Product Features

  • Single-pole, Double throw (SPDT)
  • Can be used as a limit switch or tactile input
  • Switches up to 5A at 125V DC or 250V AC
  • Connects to any device with a Digital Input


Sensor Properties
Sensor Type Input (Switch)
Switch Type SPDT


Physical Properties

Travel 4 mm


Electrical Properties

Switching Current Max 5 A
Switching Voltage Max (AC) 250 V AC
Switching Voltage Max (DC) 125 V DC