3532_1 Hollow Shaft Optical Encoder IHC3808, 3532

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Ideal for use with motors, this hollow-shaft encoder fits easily onto an 8mm shaft.


Note: The 3532_1 is the same as the 3532_0, except this revision has a 5-pin connector soldered to the end of the cable so it can be plugged directly into a Phidgets encoder interface.

This sturdy optical quadrature encoder can be attached to the 8mm rear shaft of a motor without need for a shaft coupler. It has 500 counts (full quadrature cycles) per rotation and can be installed easily by fitting it over the shaft and tightening the set-screw. This encoder makes use of the index channel, sending one pulse for every full rotation.

  • Includes mounting screws and washers

Quadrature Encoder

  • 360 counts per revolution
  • Index Channel
  • Push-pull Output
  • Hollow shaft installation


Function 3532 - Encoder 3019 - Phidget cable
+5V Red Red
Ground Black Black
Data (A) Green White
Data (B) White Brown
Index (Z) Yellow Green



Encoder Properties

Output Circuit Type

Push-Pull (Single-Ended)

Controlled By

Encoder Interface

Encoder Resolution

500 CPR

Encoder Speed Max

4500 RPM

Electrical Properties

Supply Voltage Min

5 V DC

Supply Voltage Max

5 V DC

Output Frequency Max

100 kHz

Physical Properties

Shaft Diameter

(Inner) 8 mm

Cable Length

1 m

Shaft Maximum Axial Load

10 N

Shaft Maximum Radial Load

20 N

Operating Humidity Min

30 %RH

Operating Humidity Max

(Non-condensing) 85 %RH

Operating Temperature Min

-10 °C

Operating Temperature Max

70 °C

IP Rating



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