3507_0 CE-VJ03-32MS2-0.5 AC Voltage Sensor 0-250V (50Hz)

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This 3507_0 AC Voltage sensor measures line voltage on mains up to 250 Vrms.

Powered by an external 12VDC power supply, the AC Voltage Sensor provides a 0 to 5VDC analog signal that is linearly proportional to the AC voltage measured at the terminal blocks.

3507_0 CE-VJ03-32MS2-0.5 AC Voltage Sensor 0-250V (50Hz)
3507_0 CE-VJ03-32MS2-0.5 AC Voltage Sensor 0-250V (50Hz)

The AC Voltage Sensor can easily be mounted using the screw holes, or on a 35mm wide DIN rail for quick installation. The terminal blocks accommodate conductors of up to AWG #16.

The voltage sensor connects to an analog input on Phidgets I/O boards. The formula to translate the SensorValue into Voltage is: Vrms = SensorValue * 0.25

  • Measures line voltage on mains up to 250Vrms
  • Operates at 50Hz
  • 0.5% Accuracy
  • Isolation Voltage of 2500VDC
  • DIN Rail mountable
  • Connect to any device with an Analog Input

Recommended Power Supplies

In order to use one of these power supplies with this sensor, you must cut the small plug from the end of the power supply and connect the wires directly into the sensor. You can also use a 3031 – Female Pigtail.

Mounting Suggestion

Warning: The AC Voltage Sensor needs to be attached in parallel with the line voltage. This requires cutting and using loose ends of high power cables. ALWAYS be sure to turn off the power running through the cables while manipulating and before cutting the cables. When attaching the cables, be sure to follow your country’s wiring code to ensure safe installment of the sensors and to reduce the risk of injury and fire. If you are uncomfortable, consult with a certified electrician.

Connecting in the box

Sensor Properties

Sensor Type Voltage (AC)
Sensor Output Type Non-Ratiometric
Input Voltage Min (AC) 0 V AC
Input Voltage Max (AC) 250 V AC
Measurement Error Max 0.5 %
Input Frequency 50 Hz
Sensor Response Time Max 300 ms

Electrical Properties

Supply Voltage Min 12 V DC
Supply Voltage Max 12 V DC
Current Consumption Max 15 mA
Isolation Voltage (AC) 1.5 kV AC
Output Voltage Min 0 V DC
Output Voltage Max 5 V DC

Physical Properties

Recommended Wire Size 12 - 24 AWG
Operating Temperature Min 0 °C
Operating Temperature Max 50 °C
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