3206_0 SpringRC Micro Servo (SM-S2313M)

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This miniature, light (13 grams) RC servo is ideal for projects where size and weight are important.

It has metal gears and generates 1.3kg-cm of torque at 4.8V.

3206_0 SpringRC Micro Servo (SM-S2313M)
3206_0 SpringRC Micro Servo (SM-S2313M)

Product Features

  • 180°of travel
  • Miniature Compact Size
  • 4 Metal Gears + 1 Plastic Gear
  • Single Ball Bearing

Motor Properties

Motor Type Limited Rotation Servo
Range of Rotation 180°
Maximum Speed at Rated Voltage 600°/s
Rated Torque 1.3 kg·cm


Physical Properties

Gear Train Material 4 Metal, 1 Plastic
Bearing Type Single Ball Bearing
Motor Length 22.2 mm
Motor Width 22.9 mm
Motor Depth 12.3 mm
Weight 13.5 g


Electrical Properties

Rated Voltage 5 V DC
Rated Current (on 1061 controller) 110 mA
Rated Current (on 1066 controller) 130 mA
Stall Current (on 1061 controller) 780 mA
Stall Current (on 1066 controller) 415 mA
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