2-Pin Jumper, 452-00009

£1.80 £1.50

This 2-Pin Jumper block, also known as a shunt or shorting block is used to connect two pins on a SIP header. This is often done to enable or disable a device or to set an address or channel. The 2-Pin Jumper has .100" spacing and is compatible with the SIP headers we carry as well as our Proto boards where it can be used to select between Vin and Vdd for servo headers.


Compatible with These Kits

  • 40 Pin Single Row Header 
  • BASIC Stamp 1 Carrier Board 
  • BASIC Stamp Rev. Dx Module 
  • Propeller Proto Board 
  • SX28 Proto Board 
  • SX48 Proto Board 
  • Stingray Robot