180° Servo Stretcher , 180SS

£28.74 £23.95

Now you can achieve 180° of rotation from just about any Analog Servo.


The Servo Stretcher modifies the signal to the servo enabling it to rotate up to 90° either direction off of the center (neutral) position. It simply plugs in between your controlling source and the servo just like a servo extension.

The total amount of rotation is dependent on the type of radio control or servo controller. Results may be slightly less than 180° or slightly more.

One of the neat features about the Servo Stretcher is you can limit each endpoint separately from the center position. If you only need the right to move 22 degrees and the left 88 degrees from center it is no problem, just dial in the amount you need per side. You can even adjust the center (neutral) position separately from the endpoints.

Comes with gold-plated connectors for super low resistance plus heavy-duty twisted leads. Universal connectors for easy compatibility with any brand of receiver or controller.

Note: This product is not to be used with servos that offer more than 90° rotation from the factory or any brand of digital servos. Digital servos can be programmed with a servo programmer to achieve 180 degrees rotation. Using the Servo Stretcher with a servo already modified for 180 degrees will not allow for 360 degree rotation.

The leads are constructed with heavy duty twisted wire and gold-plated connectors for super low resistance. The connectors are universal and can be used with any brand of receiver or controller