1113_0 Mini Joy Stick Sensor, 1113

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This two-axis joystick has a momentary pushbutton switch and connects to two Analog Inputs or VINT Hub ports, and one Digital Input.


This miniature joystick has two axes and a pushbutton. Each axis, up/down and left/right, has a potentiometer with a center value of approximately half the supply voltage.

When you move the Joystick from its center position the value will increase or decrease depending on the direction.

Pressing down on the Joystick pin will make a momentary contact that can be connected to a Digital Input through the terminal blocks.

Comes packaged with:

Sensor Properties

Sensor Type

Input (Joystick)

Sensor Output Type


Electrical Properties

Current Consumption Max

1 mA

Output Impedance

10 kΩ

Supply Voltage Min

3 V DC

Supply Voltage Max

5.3 V DC

Physical Properties

Operating Temperature Min

-10 °C

Operating Temperature Max

70 °C