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Inex Magnetic Field Sensor Board

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The Inex Magnetic Field Sensor works with a built-in 3A Hall-effect sensor (UGN3503) which tracks extremely small changes in the magnetic flux density.

This sensor provides a voltage output from 0 to +5Vdc that is proportional to the applied magnetic field. If no magnetic field is detected (0 Gauss) the output voltage will be 2.5V.

The voltage output can be calculated using the following formula:

  • Uses a 3A Hall-effect sensor (UGN3503)
  • Provides a voltage output that is proportional to the applied magnetic field
  • Sensitivity: 1.3mV/Gauss
  • Interface with microcontrollers and logic circuits
  • Inex Standard 3-pin PCB connector
  • Compatible with Inex controller boards


Volt = 2.5 + (0.0013 x Magnetic field density in Gauss units)

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