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VEX Robotics Design

Vex has developed a full range of kits and components that allow you to create your own robot to desired specifications. Vex Design & Robotics offer everything from starter kits to software and sensors, ensuring that every component of a robotic build is easy to source and simple to use. Vex Robotics caters for every standard of robot development and classroom and competition grade kits and components are readily available. The classroom kits include everything needed to design, build, power, and operate robots and offer a comprehensive curriculum designed to help students master the fundamentals of robotics. The starter kit bundles are also ideal for beginners and are the perfect foundation for a beginner robot build.

For those who have advanced beyond the beginner and classroom stages of robotics, Vex Design and Robotics also produces an extensive range of competition kits that include perimeter, tile and field kits and a full controller kit. In addition to the kits available, Vex also offers control equipment that includes joysticks, USB adapter keys, cabling and all other components that are required to manoeuvre a robot. Structural components can be purchased to make up the physical composition of the robot and create durable skeletons, and individual parts like cameras and flashlights are available as add-ons.

Power and equipment, micro-controllers and programming software have also been developed and created by Vex. The programming software has been developed to instruct the robot which operations and movements to perform and each kit combines hardware and software components that allow the user to write programs for a robot and then download them on to the micro-controller for execution. Vex Robotics ensures that all robotics components are durable and have been built to perform. The wide range of components and kits available ensures that both beginners and pros will find all the equipment they require to build robots that fit their requirements and perform functions they desire.

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