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Tracked Vehicles

One of the great advantages of a tracked robot is its uncanny ability to be able to traverse rough, outdoor terrain. Working in a very similar way to full-size military vehicles such as tanks, tracked robots make use of caterpillar tracks which distribute the weight of the vehicle more evenly, making it easier to travel over rough ground. Although tracked machines are absolutely ideal for outdoor use, the majority still work impressively indoors too and can move over a variety of surfaces, both smooth and rough.

One of the most popular products within this range is the Johnny 5 Combo Kit. Designed by Lynxmotion, one of the world’s longest-running robot kit manufacturers, the Johnny 5 Combo Kit is a superb fully functional replica of the great Johnny 5 robot from the film Short Circuit. This Johnny 5 is suitable for use on all terrains and is extremely hard-wearing. Featuring Servo aluminium brackets, Lexan structural components and custom injection moulded components, this combo kit has been made to last.

Those with a deeper knowledge of electronics and robot building, can now choose to purchase a tracked robot chassis kit. These are just the basic kits without any electronics included. This means that you can make your own additions to the chassis kit such as robot arms or a large sensor array. You could even go ahead and construct your own version of Johnny 5 himself.

For travelling across tough outdoor terrain, tracked robots are perhaps the best of their kind.

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  • Tri-Track Chassis Kit

    Tri-Track Chassis Kit

    Product Code: TTRK-KT

    The Lynxmotion Tri-Track Robot Kit is a robust chassis for your RC or autonomous robot experimentation.

    • This is the basic kit without electronics
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  • Johnny 5 Combo Kit

    Johnny 5 Combo Kit

    Product Code: J5C-KT

    The Lynxmotion Johnny 5 Robot Kit is a completely functional model of the ever popular movie robot.

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