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Gifts for 5-11 year olds

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  • K'NEX Roller Coaster Physics

    K'NEX Roller Coaster Physics

    Product Code: KX78880

    2,037 piece set to build 11 different classic roller coaster designs, including: a large roller coaster with clothoid loop, half pipes (with loops), inclined planes (with curves and loops), and ball ramps.

    Build two large models simultaneously. One motor Included. Compatible with datalogging sensors from Vernier, Pasco, Texas Instruments.

    A 59-page teacher's guide includes 9 full lesson plans; formative rubrics; correlations with National Math and Science Standards.

    Supports 8 students. All stored in 3 large silver storage trays, with snap-on lids.

    Teacher's Guide Included!

    •  Age: 14+

    Press the Specification tab to watch an amazing video ! 

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  • LEGO® Mindstorms EV3

    LEGO® Mindstorms EV3

    Product Code: 31313

    A fantastic kit to keep budding robot builders happy !

    With more memory and a larger processor. the new EV3 Intelligent brick includes a number of new features, like an infrared sensor, new Linux-based firmware, a USB port, and an SD card slot.

    The new brick also works with iOS and Android, so you can use your smartphone to remotely control your Mindstorms EV3 creations. The programming software kit itself works on both Windows and Mac OS X. (so has the ability to talk to iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches through Bluetooth wireless connections.)

    The  EV3 sets are backwards compatible with NXT kits, sensors and actuators, so if you have an NXT Mindstorms set at home, you'll be able to use it with this new generation of Mindstorms.

    • USB Port
    • SD Card slot
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  • Creating Cool Mindstorm NXT Robots

    Creating Cool Mindstorm NXT Robots

    Product Code: 862324

    In this book, you'll find detailed instructions for building and programming six exciting LEGO robots.

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  • NXT-G Programming Guide (2nd Edition)

    NXT-G Programming Guide (2nd Edition)

    Product Code: 159186

    This book is for people 10-years-old and upwards who are new to programming, or who are new to the NXT-G programming language.

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  • Simple & Powered Machines Set

    Simple & Powered Machines Set

    Product Code: 9686

    The core brick set in our range of Machines & Mechanisms solutions, this set includes full-colour building instruction booklets for 10 principle models and 18 main models.

    Combine with curricular-relevant activity packs and add-on sets to carry out a broad range of activities within design technology, science and mathematics.

    • Brick type: LEGO® Technic
    • Age: 8+
    • 396 pieces
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  • Meccano Mini Tuning Pick Up

    Meccano Mini Tuning Pick Up

    Product Code: 864951

    Build one of two models. Pre-painted metallic parts.

    Includes decal stickers & tools.

    • Ages: 8 years+
    • 2 models
    • 147 pieces
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    Special Price: £13.19 £10.99 (excluding VAT)

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