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If you have decided to buy ready assembled robots rather than building your own, we have a great range of robots that are ready to go. Unlike a build-your-own, a ready assembled robot can be utilised straight out the box so it saves you the time of building and perfecting your own machine. We stock the particularly popular NAO Robots for sale in the UK. This brand is known worldwide and is the most popular humanoid robot used in the academic field. The NAO robot is a versatile platform used to explore a wide range of research topics in computer science, social sciences, human-machine interaction and general robotics. NAO Robots for sale in the UK offer object and face recognition, automatic speech recognition, whole body motion and text-to-speech - in up to seven languages. The NAO robot has many actuators and sensors, an attractive appearance and it is a convenient size. Its sophisticated embedded software ensures it is ideal for many research fields and this unique humanoid robot is multi-faceted to suit a multitude of requirements.

Another fantastic model of readily assembled robot is the Scribbler 2, which is suited to a variety of different programming skills. The robot comes out of the box with programmes pre-installed, but also has the ability for the user to add a variety of their own programming skills if they wish to customise performance. The out-of-the-box mode has 8 different demo functions that include object detection, line following and light-seeking. The robot can indeed scribble, and if a marker pen is placed in the pen port, it will draw as it drives. Use just the demo modes, or make programs in two formats; build programs from picture tiles utilising the Scribbler Program Maker GUI software or write text-based scripts utilising the BASIC Stamp editor software.

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  • Pololu 3pi Robot

    Pololu 3pi Robot

    Product Code: 975

    The Pololu 3pi robot is a complete, high-performance mobile platform featuring two micro metal gearmotors, five reflectance sensors, an 8×2 character LCD, a buzzer, and three user pushbuttons, all connected to a C-programmable ATmega328 microcontroller.

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  • Aldebaran Robotics NAO H25 Humanoid Robot

    Aldebaran Robotics NAO H25 Humanoid Robot

    Product Code: NAO-H25

    NAO is the most widely used humanoid robot for academic purposes worldwide.

    It is a versatile platform used to explore a wide variety of research topics in robotics as well as computer science, human-machine interaction, and the social sciences.

    NAO’s many sensors and actuators, convenient size, and attractive appearance, combined with sophisticated embedded software, makes it a unique humanoid robot ideal for many research fields.

    NAO boasts, for example, face and object recognition, automatic speech recognition, text-to-speech in seven languages, and whole body motion.

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