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Robot Arms

At Active Robots we supply a wide range of robot arms from manufacturers including Lynxmotion and Crustcrawler. We have sourced products that we believe offer excellent value for money from some of the finest manufacturers involved in robotics.

As one of the premier educational suppliers of entry-level mechanical robotic arms, Lynxmotion has become renowned for supplying excellent quality robotic kits for the educational sector and for hobbyists. In addition to supplying a number of different robotic arms designed and manufactured by Lynxmotion we also supply accessories including wrist rotation upgrades and software packages.

Active Robots are also proud suppliers of a range of CrustCrawler robotic arms. Designed and manufactured to the most stringent standards the CrustCrawler company supplies mechanical robotic arms and industrial robotic arms across a range of industrial, laboratory, research and educational sectors around the world.

The CrustCrawler AX series of robot arms are built to withstand rigorous use, featuring a tough anodised finish in order to withstand knocks, bumps and scratches. The AX series can lift more than two pounds in weight and offers unrivalled speed and torque with the added benefit of providing feedback on position, temperature, current and voltage. We stock a range of accessories for CrustCrawler products including grippers and actuators.

The CrustCrawler Pro series allows users to customise their robotic arm to exact specifications. Choose your length of arm and your torque requirements and select either a single axis or dual axis configuration. With a variety of turntables and components to choose from it's possible to build a unique robotic arm for your exact purposes.