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Excl. VAT: £3,998.90 Incl. VAT: £4,798.68


Product brochure [PDF] - "Servosila Robotic Heads"

Download a CAD model (*.STEP file) of "Servosila Robotic Head"

The robotic head houses a mission control computer of the robot, a sensor package, and a radio communication module. The mission control computer comes as either a regular computer or a computer with a GPGPU-capable processor that enables massively parallel computations using OpenCL technology. The massively parallel computer is required if a high degree of autonomy of the robot is one of the mission profile requirements.

The robotic head can be installed directly on the turret servo of the chassis, or mounted on the top of a multi-segment robotic arm manipulator. A robotic gripper can be also mounted below the robotic head.

The mobile robot is designed with visual inspection application in mind. The robot is capable of raising its sensor head high enough to look inside automobiles with high ground clearance or into windows of buildings. The robot uniquely combines back-pack transportability and stairs climbing with a capability to look inside and under parked cars. This combination of capabilities is a key enabler for various public safety applications.

The robotic heads are optimized for the following control applications:

  • Outdoor Mobile Robots
  • Service Robots
  • Robotic Arms for Mobile Robots

Since the robotic heads combine a high-performance computer and a set of sensors in the same package, the amount of cabling is significantly reduced, installation simplified and maintenance streamlined. The robotic heads can be also taken off the robots and used as desktop testbed computers by developers of onboard software; an HDMI monitor port and a keyboard port are provided to simplify desktop-style use.

The robotic heads come with watertight sockets for connecting external payloads such as Servosila Servo Drives or a Thermal Vision Camera. The external payloads are controlled via CAN, Ethernet or USB onboard buses, and powered by a payload power supply line, - via the same watertight socket.

Parameter"Parallel" Computer"Regular" Computer
CPU Intel 4th Generation Core i5-4402E Intel Atom N2600
Chipset Intel QM87 Express Intel NM10
SSD Disk 32GB
OpenCL Support Yes No
Supported Operating Systems Linux (Ubuntu preinstalled by default), 
Input voltage 18-36 VDC
Nominal voltage 24 VDC
Power Consumption 30-50W depending on the chosen configuration
Weight 2.95-4.30 kg depending on the chosen configuration
Protection rating IP68 
Environmental temperature range -20С … +50C with additional limitations applied by specific payloads. 
optional: extended temperature range
Range of remote control, 
- line of sight
several kilometers
- indoors or in urban environments within a few hundred meters
Radio frequency 902-928 MHz or 
2.4 GHz
Laser scanner range Up to 4.5 m
Video cameras an optical zoom camera (x24 zoom), 
a pair of forward looking cameras for stereo vision, 
a rear view camera
Thermal Vision Camera optional, external
Sensors for Automatic Navigation and Mapping Laser Scanner, 
GPS/GLONASS receiver, 
Stereo Vision, 
Headlight High-intensity white headlight
Number of hardpoints for external payloads 1
Bus for connecting external payloads CAN 

Software-Defined Functions of the Robotic Head

The hardware configuration of the robotic head is specifically designed for the following tasks (depending on installed software):

  • Remote control of a mobile robot with onboard video compression and streaming
  • Controlling multiple servo drives, differential drive motors and other actuators, health checks and monitoring of servo drives via a CAN bus
  • Automatic obstacle detection and avoidance using a laser scanner or/and a stereo vision system
  • Visual object recognition, visual localization, and visual object tracking using multiple video cameras
  • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) via fusion and filtering of data coming from multiple sensors including a laser scanner, a stereo vision, a MEMS inertial measurement unit and a GPS/GLONASS receiver
  • Path planning using a digital map created via a SLAM method
  • Robotic arm control including inverse kinematics and 3D motion planning
  • Automatic self-leveling of a mobile robot
  • Self-Health Testing.

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