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Create Your Robotic Chassis

Product Code: robotic-chassis
Excl. VAT: £7,450.74 Incl. VAT: £8,940.89
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* Robot chassis is made to order. The shipping cost will be calculated on the configuration chosen. Please contact us for full details.

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Excl. VAT: £7,450.74 Incl. VAT: £8,940.89


The chassis of the robot is optimized for negotiating typical obstacles found in industrial and urban environments struck by a disaster.

The chassis houses a drive motor assembly and a battery that powers the robot. The two key configuration options are a flipper threads or "flippers", and a turret servo. The flipper threads extend the length of the chassis which is needed when climbing stairs, or negotiating a terrain. The flippers are also used to lift the chassis off the ground to extend the reach of payloads. You may choose to include or not to include the flippers into configuration of your robot. Include the flippers if you want your robot to climb stairs. Exclude the flippers if the robot will be used as a carrier platform for payloads that do not require stairs climbing or when the weight of the robot needs to be reduced to a minimum.

The other choice to make is whether or not to add a turret servo to your robots chassis. The turret servo is a rotating hard point used for mounting various payloads on the chassis such as a robotic arm, a robotic head, a scanner, or a directional antenna. The turret servo can only be excluded if the chassis is to be used as a standalone platform; otherwise, it must be included into the configuration since it provides an important degree of freedom for the robotic arm and the sensor head of the robot.


Download a CAD model (*.STEP) "Chassis with Flipper Threads"

Download a CAD model (*.STEP ) "Chassis without Flipper Threads"


Weight of the mobile robot 13-25kg depending on the chosen configuration
Weight of the remote control station 4.9kg
Max height reached by the sensor head 130cm
Max speed 5km/h
Gripper lifting capacity Up to 6kg
Duration of a single charge operation 
- in continuous motion
>4hrs depending on the type and intensity of the motion
- in a static surveillance mode Up to 20hrs depending on surveillance payload selection
Max height of stairs steps 23cm
Max angle of inclination of stairs Up to 35deg depending on the material of the stairs
Protection rating IP68 
Environmental temperature range -20С … +40C with possible limitations due to specific payloads. 
optional: extended temperature range
Range of remote control, 
- line of sight
several kilometers
- indoors or in urban environments within a few hundred meters
Radio frequency 902-928 MHz or 
2.4 GHz
Laser scanner range 4.5 m
Video cameras
  • an optical zoom camera (x24 zoom)
  • a pair of cameras for stereo vision
  • a rear view camera
Sensors for Automatic Navigation and Mapping
  • Laser Scanner
  • GPS/GLONASS receiver
  • Stereo Vision
  • IMU (6 DOF)
Optical zoom x24
Headlight High-intensity white headlight with a visible spectrum
Battery system LiFePo4, in a watertight casing, field-replaceable without tools
Number of hardpoints for external payloads 4
Onboard buses for connecting external payloads CAN

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