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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is very much the buzzword for the UK's future energy strategy - with government, private industry, energy suppliers, investors and the public working together to cut carbon emissions, reduce waste and save costs. The EU has set stringent targets for its member nations - with 20pc of energy generated by 2020, to come from clean and renewable sources. The UK is already leading the way in fields such as wind power - and is also investing heavily in hydropower, solar PVs, biomass, ground and air-source and combined heat and power.

Benefits of clean energy

The interest in 'clean' technologies also coincides with an increase in technological development. Whilst the costs of fossil fuels such as coal and oil are increasingly volatile in an uncertain world, the costs of investing in micro-generation systems such as wind turbines, micro hydro, solar PV panels and biomass boilers are rapidly dropping, and the government offers a range of incentives to encourage both domestic buyers and commercial institutions to invest in renewable energies.

Energy systems for homes and businesses

Some of these energy systems can be installed simply and easily too - but must be done so by a certified micro-generation installer for the government's Feed-In Tariff incentive to be eligible - where the owner can feed excess energy onto the national grid for a payment.

Education and renewable energy

Education is key for teaching the next generation about the importance of minimising damaging fossil fuel usage and maximising the research, development and installation of clean, efficient and renewable energy technologies. There is a great range of educational material and resources available on the market, such as the renewable energy education kit and the hydrogen wind kit, which are fantastic for schools, clubs and children's groups where science, technology and engineering are subjects on the curriculum. These interactive and hands-on tools encourage learning, creative thinking and hands on interaction, to stimulate children's natural curiosity and interest in the world of energy around them.

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  • Horizon FCT H-Racer And Solar Hydrogen Station

    Horizon FCT H-Racer And Solar Hydrogen Station

    Product Code: FCJJ-18

    Unique, patented miniature fuel-cell car and hydrogen refuelling station.

    • Car runs on its own hydrogen fuel-cell system
    • Includes renewable energy educational CD
    • Ages: 10 years+.
    • No batteries required
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  • Hydro-Wind Kit

    Hydro-Wind Kit

    Product Code: FCJJ-26

    Turn Wind Power into Hydrogen Energy!

    The kit includes the Wind Pitch Educational Kit inside a minature real working wind turbine and designed for students to evaluate the pitch of the blades.

    • Ages: 12 years+
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  • Renewable Energy Education Set

    Renewable Energy Education Set

    Product Code: FCJJ-27

    A modular experiment set designed to demonstrate the clean energy technology system.

    • Ages 12 years+
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