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At Active Robots, we stock a variety of alkaline batteries in common sizes suited to a wide-range of applications. These battery cells offer consistent capacity over a wide range of currents, and are particularly well suited to the high drain rates within robotics applications. Make sure you don’t run out of power at crucial times - buy in bulk and save money. With an average shelf-life of up to 10 years, you can afford to keep some spares handy just in-case. Our long-life alkaline batteries last six times the duration of ordinary zinc carbon batteries and come in packs of four for immediate use, or bulk packs for when you need to stock up. In addition to AA alkaline batteries and AAA alkaline batteries, we also stock replacement 12v and 6v ultra alkaline batteries which are common in cameras and remote control key fobs.

Alkaline batteries from Active Robots are interchangeable with zinc carbon batteries but possess up to double the energy density and can be used at much lower temperatures whilst maintaining the solid performance on which robotics applications rely. If you’re limited for space, our PP3 battery snap can allow for a better fit on a wide range of batteries. If you have old batteries lying around, you can check their state with our easy-to-use universal battery tester. Whenever purchasing replacement batteries, ensure you’re buying the correct cell for your intended application by cross-checking the compatible battery code indicated by the manufacturer of your product with the codes below.