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Robot Parts

Designing a robot from scratch can be a very rewarding project, but can be a little overwhelming to the beginner robot builder. Chassis kits provide a good starting point to which you can add your choice of parts. Some platforms include wheels, motors and parts bundles. If you are creative, consider making your own base with the easy to use Sintra PVC boards. Perhaps design your own robot arm or a walking robot, using the large assortment of aluminium hardware brackets, rails and plates. Arm gripper kits and robot leg kits are available too.

Our small electronic kits are ideal for beginners as an introduction to the techniques of soldering components and simple circuit boards. To power your robot, batteries are available in different types and sizes. Perhaps consider a solar powered robot? Solar panels are a great alternative and can be linked in series or parallel to increase voltage and current. Linking batteries in series increases voltage while linking in parallel increases the available current.