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Q.bo robot - Pro Evo version

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The Q.bo Pro Evo robot is a programmable mobile robot based on ROS and developed by a Spanish company named The Corpora. The Q.bo Pro Evo robot is a totally open-source platform aimed at being the base for artificial intelligence and social robotics developments to promote robotics in our daily lives. It is conceived to offer a maximum of possibilities at an affordable price.

The Q.bo Pro Evo robot has a very attractive curved shape with a round head, motorized eyelids, and a mouth made of leds that allows it to express emotions. Its small size and small free wheel make it very stable, even on uneven ground.

The robot Q.bo Pro Evo is a high-level open-source programmable robotics platform based on ROS. It is used for artificial intelligence and social robotics applications.

A fully assembled Q.bo, designed for those who want to skip the assembling steps and choosing the components. If you are a software developer, these versions will allow you forget worrying about the mechanical and electronic level and concentrate on the software.

Technical specifications of the programmable Q.bo Pro Evo robot

Weight and size of the Q.bo Pro Evo robot

  • Height : 456 mm
  • Width : 314 mm
  • Depth : 292.5 mm
  • Weight : between 9 and 11 kg

The Q.bo Pro Evo robot's head

  • Motorization: 2 servos (up-down and right-left) give the head its mobility, allowing the Q.bo robot to look around, follow object with its cameras...
  • Eyes: Each eye of the Q.bo robot contains a camera, the combination of the two cameras allowing to do stereovision. the two eyelids are actuated by two servomotors. The Pro Evo version of Q.bo has a depth-camera Xtion Pro Live.
  • Ears: The Q.bo robot has three microphones disposed around the head.
  • Mouth: Q.bo's mouth is a 20-leds matrix. Its nose also has a led.
  • Connection: The Q.bo robot connects to Wi-fi using the antenna in the back of its head.
  • Control card: The Q.board2 electronic board manages the sensors and actuators of Q.bo's head and communicate with the body.

The Q.bo Pro Evo robot's body

  • Sensors: Its two ultrasonic sensors (+ two optional) allow Q.bo to detect obstacles, for example walls, during its displacements. The infrared sensor aims at the floor so Q.bo can avoid steps and stairs.
  • Wheels and motors: The two wheels are actuated by two DC motors (170 rpm) with magnetic encoders. The free wheel gives stability to the robot.
  • Speakers: Two speakers are located on the robot's sides.
  • LCD screen: This 20x4 LCD screen displays information about the robot's state.
  • Processor and electronic boards: The Mini-ITX main boards supports a Intel processor (Intel Atom for the Lite Evo version, Intel Core i3 for the Pro Evo version). The Q.board1 electronic board manages the sensors and actuators of the body and the Q.board3 supplies power. The Q.bo robot is powered by a LiFePO4 battery (10Ah).

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