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Metal Gear Train

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  1. 12V Power Servo 105

    12V Power Servo 105

    Product Code: PS-105
    Excl. VAT: €858.43 Incl. VAT: €1,030.11

    A precision electro–mechanical servo for radio control applications with requirements exceeding those of recreational hobby servos.

    The “Muscle” servo for RPV, UAV projects, industrial and special effects robotics.

    Ruggedly designed and built for hostile environments and performance–critical applications.

    12Volt Operation

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  2. Power Servo 050

    Power Servo 050

    Product Code: PS-050
    Excl. VAT: €368.71 Incl. VAT: €442.45

    The output from a servo is a combination of speed and power.

    There’s no point in choosing a fast servo that slows down in use.

    These power servos are designed for those ultra tough industrial situations.

    4.8Volt to 8.4Volt Operation

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  3. HS-7985MG Coreless Digital Metal Gear

    HS-7985MG Coreless Digital Metal Gear

    Product Code: HS-7985MG
    Excl. VAT: €74.75 Incl. VAT: €89.70

    The new HS-7985MG High Torque Digital Servo has the added benefit of the new G2 second generation programmable digital circuit.

    This circuit has twice the resolution of the original circuit while adding programmable overload protection.

    4.8Volt to 6.0Volt Operation

    • Speed - 0.16 / 0.13 sec @ 60 deg.
    • Torque - 10.4 / 12.4 kg.cm


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  4. Hitec HS-5765MH Digital Quarter Scale

    Hitec HS-5765MH Digital Quarter Scale

    Product Code: HS-5765MH
    Excl. VAT: €71.59 Incl. VAT: €85.91

    When it comes to your big RC projects, size does matter - that’s why Hitec engineered the HS-5765MH.

    This high voltage cousin of our popular HS-5755MG is 2-cell LiPo (7.4V) capable and features heavy duty, metal gears with a 10mm output shaft for the strength you need for the most demanding large scale applications.

    • Large 10mm Output shaft
    • Triple Ball Bearings
    • Heavy Duty Metal Gear Train
    • Speed: 0.16 / 0.13 sec.@ 6.0 / 4.8v
    • Torque: 20 / 25 Kg/cm @ 6.0 / 4.8v

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  5. Hitec HS645MG Servo

    Hitec HS645MG Servo

    Product Code: HS-645MG
    Excl. VAT: €37.94 Incl. VAT: €45.53

    The HS645MG represents a new generation of Hitec servos.

    Utilizing our unique MP and Alumite gear train technology the HS-645MG has hitec's field proven gear train.

    The powerful HS-645MG is perfect for those applications that demand a high torque servo.

    4.8Volt to 6Volt Operation

    • Torque 4.8V/6.0v: 4.4/5.57kg
    • Speed 4.8V/6.0v : 0.23/.018 secs

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  6. Hitec HS-755HB Quarter Scale

    Hitec HS-755HB Quarter Scale

    Product Code: HS-755HB
    Excl. VAT: €32.60 Incl. VAT: €39.12

    The 1/4 scale HS-755HB features Karbonite Gears which are four times stronger than the standard nylon and will not develop stop even after years of use.

    Perfect for larger R/C applications and feature dual ball-bearings with a water and dust resistant case.

    4.8Volt to 6Volt Operation

    • Torque:11.0 / 13.2 kg.cm@4.8V
    • Speed: 0.28 / 0.23 sec @ 60deg

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  7. Hitec HS-82 Metal Gear

    Hitec HS-82 Metal Gear

    Product Code: HS-82MG
    Excl. VAT: €18.83 Incl. VAT: €22.59 As low as: €20.49

    Based on the ultra popular HS-81MG the HS-82MG gets a new stronger motor and updated electronics for more precise centering.

    4.8Volt to 6Volt Operation

    • Torque: 2.8 / 3.4 kg.cm
    • Speed: 0.11Sec/60° @4.8V

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  8. New Power XL-16HM Servo

    New Power XL-16HM Servo

    Product Code: P-NEWXL16HM
    Excl. VAT: €11.22 Incl. VAT: €13.47

    Designed equally for both aero and heli applications, this mini, analogue servo has strong torque and good speed delivered through a tough metal gear train.

    That 3.5kg.cm of torque at 6v is more than most servos deliver at this size and weight.

    Size: 29.5 x 11.6 x 30.2mm

    4.8Volt to 6Volt Operation


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  9. New Power XL-09HM Servo

    New Power XL-09HM Servo

    Product Code: P-NEWXL09HM
    Excl. VAT: €8.72 Incl. VAT: €10.47

    Similar to the standard 9g servo but with the added advantage of more torque and tough metal gears to absorb any shocks put back into the servo from the control surfaces.

    4.8Volt & 6Volt Operation

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Metal Gear Train

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