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Secondary 11-18 years

Active Robots offer a range of affordable robots and robot parts for first time and more experienced robot builders.  Building robots provides an enjoyable introduction to technology and engineering ideal for STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths educational requirements. We have something for every level. Whether you want to build a robot from scratch, learn programming skills, wiring, circuitry and electronics, or start with a project kit and follow step by step lesson instructions and web tutorials.

Our products consist of every individual part you will need to make your robot. Including manoeuvrability with robust, durable and double wheels, providing up to 360 degree movement, continuous rotation servos and digital compass sensors. There are kits that work with iOS and Android, with infrared sensors, which you can use with smart phone to remotely control your creations. Reprogrammable and USB, compatible with the Board Of Education, (BOE). Virtual Robots, high end simulation enables students to learn programming right from the computer, or use a BrickPi with a RaspberryPi and make your own Lego Mindstorms controller. Our products have optional links for added learning and extra projects. Parallax produce great robot kits for schools and offer extensive support and online web tutorials for their products. We offer workshops and assemblies which are interesting, fun and inspirational and designed specifically for different age groups to demonstrate the progression of technology, robot activities and movement, programming and to plant the seeds in their imaginations for future development of technology and careers.