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Primary 5-11 years

This is a great age to introduce and help children understand the basic principles of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), and to introduce early simple machines and robots. This can be done through interactive learning, using our excellent resources to bring real topics and recognition of simple machines in everyday use with easy integration to your child’s individual learning or into the class room. Developing scientific enquiry skills, problem solving and become familiar with relevant vocabulary, collecting data and describing outcomes. Our products are designed to help children understand the basic principles. To introduce technology into the curriculum, project based and cross-curricular learning, in energy and the environment, with design brief as part of the engineering process, operation of gears, wheels, axles, levers and pulleys, for more engaging experience.

Our aim is to encourage learning, observing skills and investigation of simple machines. We have starter sets, activity packs, simple and powered machine sets and resource kits for individual children, child led learning or teacher led. For small and larger groups and whole classroom packs including teachers notes, optional extension activities and support material. Encouraging children to share ideas, brain storm, work together to find creative alternative solutions. Our packs include specific themes such as Soccer, Wild Animals, Amazing Mechanisms, Adventure and Rescue to help children engage in learning, investigating, observation, reasoning, predicting, reflecting and critical thinking