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Servosila is a technology company that designs, produces and markets a range of mobile robots, servo drives, robotic control systems as well as software that makes the mobile robots intelligent. The mobile robot is designed for applications where an environment or a nature of engineering operations pose a risk to human life: Disaster Response, Firefighting, Public Safety, Search and Rescue, Industrial Engineering and Maintenance and Maintenance of Tunnels and Pipelines. The robot is also used as a Research and Education platform. 
Built individually to the customers chosen configuration, the robot is backpack portable, waterproof, dustproof and capable of working in rain, heat, cold, and snow conditions.  The Engineer has a durable, but light-weight metal body, hardened electronics and a sensors package, all capable of withstanding the stresses and rough treatment during its service life. Sensors and accessories can be installed in the robotic head including forward and rear camera, optical zoom camera, thermal vision camera, laser scanner, a pair of cameras for stereo vision, GPS, IMU, and a headlight.

The robot is controlled by a single operator. Virtual reality goggles or a portable screen provide the operator with a clear picture from wherever the robot is; a joystick enables the operator to control the motion of the robot and its arm.

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