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  1. GoPiGo Robot Base Kit

    GoPiGo Robot Base Kit

    Product Code: GOPIGO_BASE
    Excl. VAT: £110.79 Incl. VAT: £132.95

    The GoPiGo2 Base Kit is perfect if you already have a Raspberry Pi and want to get it moving. It includes the GoPiGo2 board, chassis, wheels, motors, encoders, and power battery pack

    Also need a Raspberry Pi? The best value is the Starter Kit, which includes all you need to get started from scratch! .

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  2. Mini WiFi Dongle for Raspberry Pi

    Mini Wifi Dongle for Raspberry Pi

    Product Code: 855947002552
    Excl. VAT: £14.39 Incl. VAT: £17.27

    Control your robot remotely with this Mini Wifi Dongle.

    Remotely control and program your BrickPi, GoPiGo, GrovePi and Raspberry Pi project.

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  3. Raspberry Pi Ethernet Cable

    Raspberry Pi Ethernet Cable

    Product Code: 855947002644
    Excl. VAT: £5.53 Incl. VAT: £6.64

    Raspberry Pi Ethernet Cable for connecting your Raspberry Pi to your laptop, computer, or network.  

    Connect your Raspberry Pi directly to your computer or router via this compact RJ-45 Ethernet cable.

    • The cable is 6″ long.

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  4. Line Follower for GoPiGo board

    Line Follower for GoPiGo

    Product Code: 855947002828
    Excl. VAT: £27.68 Incl. VAT: £33.22

    The Line Follower attaches to your GoPiGo robot car and enables you to program it to follow a line.

    Program your GoPiGo to serve a drink across a room, and learn the basics of how automated warehouse or self-driving cars work!

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  5. Servo Package onthe GoPiGo

    Servo Package for the GoPiGo

    Product Code: 855947002590
    Excl. VAT: £14.39 Incl. VAT: £17.27

    The Servo Package is a device that rotates. It connects directly to the GoPiGo and enables you to control an attached sensor’s rotation with software.

    This package comes with the servo and mounting hardware for attaching an ultrasonic sensor or Raspberry Pi camera to the GoPiGo Raspberry Pi robot car.

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  6. Acrylic Sensor Mounts (4 in a pack)

    Acrylic Sensor Mounts (set of 4)

    Product Code: 855947002835
    Excl. VAT: £14.39 Incl. VAT: £17.27

    This is a set of 4 sensor mounts to allow you to attach your Grove sensors to your GrovePi or GoPiGo robot car!

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  7. GoPiGo

    GoPiGo Robot Starter Kit

    Product Code: GOPIGO-STARTER
    Excl. VAT: £228.26 Incl. VAT: £273.91

    GoPiGo is a robot car!

    The Starter Kit includes everything you need to get started from scratch including:

    • a GoPiGo Base Kit
    • Raspberry Pi 3
    • Mini Wifi Dongle
    • GoPiGo Servo Package
    • Ultrasonic Sensor
    • microSD Card (with Dexter Industries software)
    • Power Supply (USA Plug)
    • Ethernet Cable

    The Raspberry Pi is a capable brain for a robot.  Dexter Industries makes a number of products to make it easy to interface the Raspberry Pi with electronic sensors, motors, and LEGO parts including the BrickPi, GoPiGoGrovePi and Arduberry.

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