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ROBOT Magazine

We have a wide selection of current Robot Magazines and Servo Magazines, as well as back dated editions, to inspire and inform the reader.  With useful references to the latest information  in robotics.  Including current events, competitions and challenges.   A good tool to keep you in touch and can be a great benefit to teachers and students.  The magazines have articles that cover a huge selection of very informative, inspirational and up to date topics, written and well illustrated by professionals as well as input from readers.  With information on the latest activities in the robot world, such as articles and reviews on research robots, Robo Games, Battlebots, Robo Cup, Robotcrafts, flying machines and Hoverbots, Robot kit reviews, the worlds fastest Biped, Robodevelopement, how to build a balancing Bot as well as how to build the ultimate Robot. 

With regular features on  “How to Build….…”, looking into different projects, how to build and create them, giving helpful hints and advice.  “Up Close”  An in-depth look at new products on the market, looking at the products features, abilities and benefits.  “Tips and Tricks” Showing helpful hints and advice, showing shortcuts, alternative solutions and problem solving.