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Lego Mindstorm Books

To get the most from your Lego Mindstorm robot there are a number of books that will help you to program your intelligent friend and maximise your robot's full potential.

LEGO Mindstorms books are written by programming experts but are accessible and easy to follow. The ultimate guide is Building Robots with LEGO Mindstorms NXT which covers everything from simple and fun programming all the way through to competition level robot building.

With Programming LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT, you can develop beyond the robot instruction manual, even creating programs that will generate an amount of artificial intelligence using Microsoft VPL and NXT-G.

Amongst the best LEGO books is LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Power Programming. It's the most comprehensive guide to C programming and allows you to create popular and powerful development tools for your LEGO Mindstorm.

The Creating Cool Mindstorm NXT Robots provides you with instructions to build and program six LEGO robots, all of them apart from one, from just one NXT retail kit. The book also takes you through advanced hardware and software techniques. Learn how to design two-legged or four-legged NXT walker robots; how to get the most out of NXT servomotors and how to get a better performance from a single motor.

LEGO NXT books are essential companions, whether you are an amateur or more advanced robot builder. You can enjoy a library of instruction guides that allow you to take full advantage of your LEGO Mindstorm robot and learn plenty of programming and robot building skills along the way.

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