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Books & Magazines

Books and Magazines are always a useful reference for the latest in hobby, science, innovation and the evolution of consumer robotics, problem solving and a way to keep you in touch with what’s new in the robot world. We have a wide selection of current Robot Magazines and Servo Magazines as well as back dated editions, to inspire and inform the reader including current events, new products, competitions and challenges in robotics.

We have books for all abilities ranging from the absolute beginner, intermediate to experienced builders and programmers. Using old electronic parts from discarded items you can even design your own autonomous robot. Learn about the key electronic components and essential principals, and make your own circuits. Discover the uses of transistors, chips, resistors, photoresistors and follow step by step tutorials. Understand how everyday gadgets work and experiment and try new projects. Go beyond robot building and try your hand at programming, to make your robot perform useful tasks. Understand how robots walk, see, talk and process information. Short of Lego NXT building inspiration? Have a look at the range of Lego NXT Mindstorms books. Topics include programming languages NXT-G, NXC, advanced sensors, keypads, motors, and building instructions, tips and programming informations.